Melges 15 Cascais Winter Series – Stage 1

Paulo Manso and Tiago Leal are the big winners of the 1st Melges 15 Cascais Winter Series.


The team from the Madeira Islands dominated the 1st stage of the Melges 15 Cascais Winter Series setting the tone from day one where they scored a second place and two bullets, and after a cancelled second day,wrapped it up with another two bullets on the third day, that secured them the win without having to sail the last race. “The boat was fast and that made our lives easier in the race course, but also on the downwinds we managed to sail the pressure patches well and that made the difference” said a satisfied Paulo Manso. Most remarkable on their performance was their ability to recover from the doldrums in race two and three. Trailing the winners were John and Katie Sheehy from the Royal St. George Yacht Club, in Ireland that also sailed consistent at the top, scoring 1, 2, 4, 4, 2, 1. Closing the podium were locals Joana Madeira and Diogo Pinto with 4, 5, 3, 3, 3, 2.

14 teams from Ireland, Portugal and Switzerland competed in this event. The weather instability in the Northern Atlantic also affected Cascais with temperatures collapsing to the mid to low teens and one day of racing cancelled due to strong winds and big swell. On Friday and Sunday the participants sailed in 12 to 17knots of shifty NW winds in the sail course inside the bay. Beautiful racing conditions that gave the sailors plenty to work on.

The Melges 15 class, a huge success in the US, with 800 boats sold in the last four years and with fleets of 100 boats competing is making headway in Europe, and Cascais provided sailors theopportunity to test the boat in racing conditions of wind and sea. Next M15 Cascais Winter Series will be from the 12th to the 14th April.



J/70 Galician Championship










Meanwhile in Vigo the J70 Spring Series came to an end last weekend in the Galician J70 Championship. 14 boats took part in the event. Notícia from Luis Cabiedes of RCNSantsnder took top honors scoring 1, 1, 5, 1, 4 in the five races completed edging local Luis Bugallo in MarNatura by one point. Third was Jorge Doreste from Barcelona sailing La Guardia & Moreira.

SailCascais was present with the women team of Naturea this time led by top portugueses sailor and Olympic hope Mafalda Pires de Lima of CVA Porto sailing with Joana Azevedo, Luísa Peres, Eva Gonzalez e Francisco Melo that finished in a solid 6th overall and the young team of Kuboo of Henrique Brites, Guilherme Gomes, RafaelRodrigues, Luís Pinheiro e Lourenço Mateus that finished in eighth place. The event was a good opportunity to sail among the top Spanish teams that will have their first of two 2025 world qualifiers this weekend in Barcelona.Well done Team Naturea and Kuboo!


Rimini J/70 Cup Event 2

SailCascais runner-up at Rimini J/70 Cup Event 2


On stage in Rimini, where J/70 Italian Class and Yacht Club Rimini joined forces for the third consecutive year, closing the event with the completion of the program, 8 races were sailed.

The event was won by Notaro Team, on board with other than Luca Domenici, Diego Negri, Lorenzo Bressani and Michele Mennuti, followed by the Portuguese team of SailCascais, led by the helmsman Vasco Serpa with Hugo Rocha, Olympic bronze in Atlanta 96 in 470, Paulo Manso and Diogo Pinto. Third place went to Five For Fighting 4.0 by Tommaso De Bellis Vitti, with Andrea Airò and Olympian Giovanna Micol.

Coming to the special prizes, the Alphazer EnergyStart Trophy, which rewards the best in the starting stages, was awarded to the SailCascais team.

“A lot of work to be done of course. But signs that we have a team and we are in the right direction” Vasco Serpa stated after the event.

The J/70 Cup is now stopping for a couple of months to give way for the first edition of the J/70 Corinthian World Cup, scheduled in Riva del Garda from 1st to 4th June. The next event of the J/70 Cup is set for mid-July in Malcesine, lake Garda.

SailCascais has J/70 boats available for charter for the upcoming events. Contact us!


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Cascais SB20 Grand Slam

Solyd Property Developers/ SailCascais wins the Cascais SB20 Grand Slam

The local team of Solyd Property Developers/SailCascais of Vasco Serpa, Diogo Pinto and Pedro Alemão dominated the SB20 Cascais Grand Slam sailed over this long weekend in classic Cascais conditions of northern winds.
The team led the event from the first race were they opened with a bullet and never opened hand of their lead. Solid scores of 1, 2, 1, 6, 2, 2, 1, 4, 3 gave Solyd the top spot in the series, making it two in a row after their win in the last Winter Series held late March in Cascais. Chasing the winners were Ted from Michael O’Connor, David Taylor and Ed Cook from the Royal St George Yacht Club, Ireland that sailed a consistent series (2, 3, 8, 2, 4, 3, 3, 5, 2). After a not so happy last day Another Affair of Tiago Morais and Miguel and Francisco Oliveira of Clube de Vela Atlantico in Porto lost the last podium spot to the current World Champion Jose Paulo Ramada this time on board with Henrique Brites, Luis Pinheiro and Miguel Leal Faria from Cascais. AP Hotels sailed a brilliant last day scoring two bullets and a second place allowing them to climb through the ranks and edge Another Affair by one point.
The top teams will now head to Sheveningen in the Netherlands for the World Championship to be held in June.
Well done to all participants and good luck to the ones travelling to the worlds!

J70 Vigo Villalia Spring Series

After the VILLALIA Winter Series the VILLALIA Spring Series Kick off in Vigo

Amazing weekend of J70 racing in Vigo in the first stage of the Spring Series organised by the RCNVigo. Two Estonian and two Portuguese teams joined the local fleet, for a total of 14 boats in the starting line. Abril Verde of Luis Perez Canal snapped the victory beating his brother Jorge in Abril Rojo. Tonu Toniste in Estonia Delight/SailCascais closed the podium. Congratulations to the winners and all that took part in this event for the amazing competition.

J70 Vigo Winter Series 2022/2023

J70s in Europe in the winter is in Vigo!

Join us in Vigo this winter to sail the J70 Vigo Winter Series. Vigo in the Nort West of Spain has on of the most active, competitive and biggest fleets in Europe during the winter. Vigo has a nice sailing venue, easy town to move around, a great place to taste the most genuine and delicious Spanish food, all at a good value. SailCascais is making available 4 brand new boats to rent that will add to the 15 local teams and a few others coming from other Spanish regions. Whole Vigo 22/23 calendar below. For all the info you need to plan your travel to Vigo PM us or email us at
5th & 6th of November
26th & 27th of November
17th & 18th of December
14th & 15th of Jamnuary
11th & 12th of February
11 & 12th of March
15th & 1st 6th of April
6th & 7th of May
27th & 28th of May
TBD -Mid June – Spanish Nationals

Cascais Winter Series 2022/2023



It is always fun in Cascais!

Sail Cascais SB20 Winter Series with SailCascais The 2022/23 SB20 season in Cascais starts in early November. Join our Winter Series, organised by Clube Naval de Cascais, with SailCascais and compete in the biggest and strongest SB20 fleet in the world. SailCascais have four last generation 3800s boats available to rent and everything else you need to sail in Cascais. Just let us know what you need. Ful season calendar below.
I Winter Series – 2022, 5th 6th of November
II Winter Series – 2022, 3rd & 4th of December
III Winter Series – 2023, 21st & 22nd of January
IV Winter Series – 2023, 24th & 25th of February
V Winter Series – 2023, 25th & 26th of March
SB20 Grand Slam/ Spring Cup – 2023, 29tth & 30th of April & 1st of May
Summer Regatta – 2023, 10th & 11th of June
Mirpuri Regatta – 2023, 8th & 9th of July
Cascais Vela – 2023, 25th, 26th & 27th of August
Portuguese Nationals – 2023, 15th, 16th & 17th of September
For more information Private message or email:
It is always fun in Cascais!

Unstoppable Dom Pedro Hotels at II SB20 Spring Cup

Cascais (and SailCascais) faced the 2nd event of the Spring season organized by SB20 Portugal, the local Class Association,  SailCascais as Class’ technical and boat rental partner and Clube Naval de Cascais. We had two teams racing and our support rib followed the action! It was fun and full of rivalry with team Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali winning over Mobiag/SailCascais who took second, read our recap below.

For the first day of the 2nd SB20 Spring Cup, in Cascais the competitive 17 boat fleet was blessed with a perfect sunny day.
The race committee settled the course inside the bay near the shore where a sweet breeze of 8 to 12 knots of wind from W-NW was established.

The local team of Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais dominated the day with a 3, 1 and 2. A consistency that puts them in front with some margin. Despite not so good starts at the pin the current portuguese champions managed to find their way to the right hand side of the course and together with their boat speed they were able to keep climbing places along the races.
Second place after this beautiful day is for the russian team of actiTime from Saint Petersburg of Arsen Churbakov. They took the gun brilliantly on the first race giving no chance to no one else, a 6 on the second race and a third place on the third and last race puts them with 10 points, 4 behind Animal and one ahead of Sargo of Jorge Lima, the 49er Portuguese Olympian in Rio.

It was a perfect day for team Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali of Jose Paulo Ramada in Cascais in the second day of the 2nd SB20 Spring Cup. They went to the water and did what they had to do scoring three bullets on the three races sailed today, giving no one a chance and taking the win. After a not so good first day yesterday they found their pace today. Good starts, supreme boat speed and solid tactics put them in front on the first mark on every race for them to sail away from the pack and Finnish with comfortable leads.

“We feel very comfortable on these conditions so we wanted to start loose and let the team work the boat speed. We were keen to protect that right hand side of the course. Everything came together today and we are very happy. We felt we could do it and we did it,” – said a very pleased Jose Paulo Ramada.

Kudos to him and his team that sail together for a long time and are always a contender in every race. Team Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais was incapable of stopping them today and finished 2 points behind to take 2nd place. Three boats were involved in the battle for 3rd place, actiTime of Arsen Churbakov, Quebramar of Rui Brites and Sargo of Jorge Lima but in the end Jorge Lima had the edge and closed the podium. Another top notch day of sailing in Cascais with winds from the NW blowing at 10 to 14 knots in the race course that was set to west of the bay.

We are back in the end of June to have a busy week with the 80th Anniversary of Clube Naval de Cascais on 23-24th June with the following week having the SB20 Portuguese Nationals (29th June to 1st July). A solid fleet of 40 boats is expected with crews coming from Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, France and Bulgaria already confirmed. 


Full results at Clube Naval de Cascais website. See you soon!


Vilamoura at its best for XIII Dom Pedro Hotels Trophy!

Team Animal of Vasco Serpa, CEO of SailCascais finished in the top spot in Vilamoura, where the XIII Dom Pedro Hotels Trophy, an annual event held 13th time this year, was organized in joint efforts of Dom Pedro Hotels and local sailing club CIMAV.



Vilamoura delivered top notch conditions for the first day of the XIII Dom Pedro Hotels Trophy. A solid westerly breeze of 12 to 16 knots with a short spaced half to one meter waves blessed the 13 boat fleet. Just perfect conditions to sail, beautiful to go upwind and on the runs as the planning and surfing were not guaranteed made it crucial to play those waves. 3 races were sailed with the team of Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais finishing the day at the top of the table with the 2nd place and two bullets.




“The results might be a bit misleading. The competition on the water was fierce and we really had to sweat it. But we sailed well and were happy in the end,”- said a happy Serpa. 


Arriving to the shore the fleet was greeted by the well known traditional Dom Pedro Hotels hospitality with the on-the-pier cocktail drinks. These made it easy for everyone to tie their boats and roll the sails!


With a bullet and a fourth place on the two races sailed on Sunday the Animals sealed their victory at the XIII SB20 Dom Pedro Hotels trophy in Vilamoura. Team Dom Pedro of Jose Paulo Ramada finished second followed by Sargo of Jorge Lima in third.
For the last day the westerly breeze was established blowing at 16 to 20+ knots and the sea creeped a bit higher providing magnificent conditions for the fleet to play. Team Animal of Vasco Serpa, started the day in beautiful fashion with a bullet. Despite a slow start, good boat speed, boat handling and patience played on their favour to grab the lead at the top mark never to give it back. Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali of Jose Paulo Ramada followed with Sargo of Jorge Lima closing the podium on the first race.


See more images from these fantastic ‘champagne’ conditions in the gallery below

On the second race Dom Pedro Hotels had a perfect start, crossed the fleet on Port, sailed to the right followed close by a group of three other boats and by holding the pressure took the gun. Awesome sailing on the tough conditions as the wind was averaging 20+ knots and the sea was providing those surfing conditions. Sargo followed and Bicasco was third.
The third race was cancelled due to increasing winds but everybody was satisfied by what they had. “Vilamoura is just just amazing. The sailing is awesome and our hosts Dom Pedro Hotels just keep everybody happy. Definitely deserves a three day regatta and that is what we are working on to establish starting next year” said ToZe Barros the president of the Portuguese SB20Class.


Sailcascais had four boats competing and we transported three other boats to the event. “We are super satisfied to help making it happen” said Vasco Serpa, “This is definitely a regatta we want to invest. It’s super nice. Weather, hosts, competition. All here!”


The fleet is now back to Cascais for the 2nd Spring Cup on 19-20th May!


SailCascais opens 6 SB20 Training Sessions

With the goal of helping the crews that need and that want to become more competitive in racing SailCascais is organising 6 training sessions of SB20 ahead of the Portuguese Nationals 2018 that will happen in the end of June in Cascais. Recent Winter Series showed strong competition in the fleet, so the teams can now take advantage of coming prepared for the event that will potentially face up to 45 boats.



These training sessions are autonomous and the topics touched will be:

OnShore: Boat Set Up and Tuning

OffShore: Boat Handling/Speed/Racing/ Tactics


The schedule of training sessions is as follows:

22nd April, Sunday 9.30am-1.30pm (day after II Club Race)

5th May, Saturday 2.00pm-6.00pm

13th May, Sunday 9.30am-1.30pm (day after III Club Race)

26th May, Saturday, 2.00pm-6.00pm

2nd June, Saturday, 2.00pm-6.00pm

16th June, Saturday, 2.00pm-6.00pm


Other topics can be introduced at an additional cost (racing rules, meteorology, mental coaching)

Each session will last 4.hrs per day and will be divided in onshore briefing, practice, and debrief. The training sessions will be provided by SailCascais coaches on its own motor rib and marks will be taken to the sea. In case you need a boat or crew SailCascais has boats available to rent. Please contact us.

Boats will be accepted subject to availability on a “first come, first served” basis and will be considered valid when fully paid.


You can register by clicking HERE.


Feel free to contact us in case you have any question:

Phone/Wsapp: +351 913 389 029 / +44 782 560 5419




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