J/70 Galician Championship










Meanwhile in Vigo the J70 Spring Series came to an end last weekend in the Galician J70 Championship. 14 boats took part in the event. Notícia from Luis Cabiedes of RCNSantsnder took top honors scoring 1, 1, 5, 1, 4 in the five races completed edging local Luis Bugallo in MarNatura by one point. Third was Jorge Doreste from Barcelona sailing La Guardia & Moreira.

SailCascais was present with the women team of Naturea this time led by top portugueses sailor and Olympic hope Mafalda Pires de Lima of CVA Porto sailing with Joana Azevedo, Luísa Peres, Eva Gonzalez e Francisco Melo that finished in a solid 6th overall and the young team of Kuboo of Henrique Brites, Guilherme Gomes, RafaelRodrigues, Luís Pinheiro e Lourenço Mateus that finished in eighth place. The event was a good opportunity to sail among the top Spanish teams that will have their first of two 2025 world qualifiers this weekend in Barcelona.Well done Team Naturea and Kuboo!