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After the first few months of operation SailCascais comes stronger with activities for everyone, who wants to sail in Cascais. This includes private sessions, practical sailing courses for those with some experience as well as group and corporate sailing. With the spring and summer approaching we are looking into more people having interest in this type of outdoor leisure rather than shopping or watching TV. We aim at making sailing more affordable and introduce regular reduced Sailing Packages.


5 days, 5 sessions with our professional instructor Gonçalo Vieira Lopes, who loves the sea and who won a few big competitions in Laser Class back in his days. He is also a great person to teach all aspects of sailing to newcomers. Gonçalo spent the last 15 years working in the office, but his heart always belonged to the sea. Here’s what some of our clients, who went sailing with Gonçalo, say about their experience:

“It was amazing,” – said Assunção, who joined us during the Xmas course. – “Nice weather and wind and great atmosphere onboard with Gonçalo and the other course participant Luis”.

“Gonçalo is very professional and explains everything in a simple manner, we enjoyed our day at sea even though it was a bit calm. But it was good for us as it was the first time we sailed on this boat,” – wrapped up Nadia from Moscow, who joined us on a sunny day in January with her husband.


“The format of 5 consecutive days filled with action proves well,” – comments Vasco Serpa, our CEO. – “We introduced it during Christmas, trying to change the way people spend holidays and we were happy with the response. There was some interest, however I sense that people still need to get to the idea of spending their holidays in a different way. Now with warmer and sunnier days I believe our courses will attract more people”.

SailCascais has other sailing options available, like for example “Big Wednesday” – a format that is suitable for more people flexible in their schedule who can benefit from renting the whole boat with crew. This format simulates racing, when 2 or more boats (teams) go out for a training and compete against each other. “We see this offer suitable for businessmen and corporates, who’s spirit is highly competitive, yet with their sailing experience they are not ready to participate in regattas.” – concludes Vasco.



Further on the corporate side SailCascais offers group events for up to 20-30 people having up to 10 boats on the water. Our professional team will set the course for racing and stage it for the participants, turning it into a fun and dynamic activity together. One of such events we ran in December 2017, when a group of 20 friends went sailing on a gorgeous sunny day.


See more about Group Sailing in our CORPORATE EVENTS section


“We look into organizing more events like this, because it’s super fun and affordable for corporates,” – continues Vasco. – “Having been an office employee for many years, I know how important it is to get out there and do a bit of different stuff together, that is not work related. Also in our partnership with Clube Naval de Cascais that has superb facilities, we can reinforce the fun part on the water with business part ashore followed by reception with amazing Portuguese food and wines.”

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