Unstoppable Dom Pedro Hotels at II SB20 Spring Cup

Cascais (and SailCascais) faced the 2nd event of the Spring season organized by SB20 Portugal, the local Class Association,  SailCascais as Class’ technical and boat rental partner and Clube Naval de Cascais. We had two teams racing and our support rib followed the action! It was fun and full of rivalry with team Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali winning over Mobiag/SailCascais who took second, read our recap below.

For the first day of the 2nd SB20 Spring Cup, in Cascais the competitive 17 boat fleet was blessed with a perfect sunny day.
The race committee settled the course inside the bay near the shore where a sweet breeze of 8 to 12 knots of wind from W-NW was established.

The local team of Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais dominated the day with a 3, 1 and 2. A consistency that puts them in front with some margin. Despite not so good starts at the pin the current portuguese champions managed to find their way to the right hand side of the course and together with their boat speed they were able to keep climbing places along the races.
Second place after this beautiful day is for the russian team of actiTime from Saint Petersburg of Arsen Churbakov. They took the gun brilliantly on the first race giving no chance to no one else, a 6 on the second race and a third place on the third and last race puts them with 10 points, 4 behind Animal and one ahead of Sargo of Jorge Lima, the 49er Portuguese Olympian in Rio.

It was a perfect day for team Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali of Jose Paulo Ramada in Cascais in the second day of the 2nd SB20 Spring Cup. They went to the water and did what they had to do scoring three bullets on the three races sailed today, giving no one a chance and taking the win. After a not so good first day yesterday they found their pace today. Good starts, supreme boat speed and solid tactics put them in front on the first mark on every race for them to sail away from the pack and Finnish with comfortable leads.

“We feel very comfortable on these conditions so we wanted to start loose and let the team work the boat speed. We were keen to protect that right hand side of the course. Everything came together today and we are very happy. We felt we could do it and we did it,” – said a very pleased Jose Paulo Ramada.

Kudos to him and his team that sail together for a long time and are always a contender in every race. Team Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais was incapable of stopping them today and finished 2 points behind to take 2nd place. Three boats were involved in the battle for 3rd place, actiTime of Arsen Churbakov, Quebramar of Rui Brites and Sargo of Jorge Lima but in the end Jorge Lima had the edge and closed the podium. Another top notch day of sailing in Cascais with winds from the NW blowing at 10 to 14 knots in the race course that was set to west of the bay.

We are back in the end of June to have a busy week with the 80th Anniversary of Clube Naval de Cascais on 23-24th June with the following week having the SB20 Portuguese Nationals (29th June to 1st July). A solid fleet of 40 boats is expected with crews coming from Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, France and Bulgaria already confirmed. 


Full results at Clube Naval de Cascais website. See you soon!